Just a Taste ~ Kassie and Mal 

One good thing about the wine cellar below Darlington was that when the urge for a drink or two hit Mal, she always had a wide arrangement of choices. It wasn’t that the day had been particularly long or taxing, but there had been a slow feeling to it that would make a glass or two of wine the perfect ending. The fact she got to share it with a particularly gorgeous new arrival was merely an added bonus.

It wasn’t that the slaves around the manor were ever unattractive, it was almost a requirement that there were appealing considering what they were for, but Mal found Kassie to be appealing in a way few others were. It filled her with an eagerness to get the know the lovely young woman better and Mal hurried along the twisting pathways of the Manor with a bottle beneath her arm and the stems of two glasses caught before her fingertips, leaving her other hand free to knock on Kassie’s door.

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    Lips curling into a tired smile, Mal pressed another quick kiss to Kassie’s lips and spared a moment to wish they were...
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    Kassie could feel Mal about to finish. Her pussy became very tight but that didn’t stop Kassie. She kept sucking on...